MFSR Bush Festival Ute Muster

Over a $1000 in cash and prizes!!

Whatever the make or model, Ute owners from far and wide come and show off their pride and joy – a must see for all ute enthusiasts.


BEST FERAL UTE            The dirtiest, worst maintained, lived in, broken down nag.

BEST B&S UTE                 The best bucking mule that clearly attends a few B&S balls.

BEST 4WD                          The best endurance horse to cope with any terrain conditions.

BEST CLASSIC UTE         The purebred, pre-1980 in best original condition. 

BEST CHICKS UTE          The best Ute owns and maintained by a filly 0r mare.   

BEST STREET UTE           Immaculate, gleaming, classy show pony.

BEST TRADE UTE            A workhorse set up for a particular trade

BEST RURAL UTE            A sturdy Stock horse fit for life on the land.

LOUDEST UTE                  The Ute that can rock our decibel meter to the highest level.


Please come along and join in the Street Parade in 2015 with your Ute!!


Billie Mae 2014-04-05-532 (16)

 Grab your mates and your swag for a great weekend at The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival, Corryong Ute Muster!

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