2018 Art & Photography Exhibition Results

Artist of the Year. $1,500.00

Artist: Sophie Sorella. (Uralla NSW)

Work Titles: ‘Action Stallions’  #10

‘Where I say’  #11

‘Brumby Catch’  #12

‘Revelations’  #13

‘Grazers’  #14

Painting – Oils/Acrylics.

1st: Artist: $800.00 Felicity McDonald Work Titles: ‘Mustering Calamity’  #20

2nd: Artist: $500.00 Jan Lawler Work Titles: ‘The Crossing’  #106

3rd: Artist: $200.00 Deborah Cavanagh Work Titles: ‘Ngarigo Country – Tom Groggin Campsite’  #104

Sculptures & Other Mediums

1st: Artist: $800.00 Leanne Kelly Work Titles: ‘Rusty Whip’  #26

2nd: Artist: $500.00 Nihole Oaks Work Titles: ‘ The Seasons’  #24

3rd: Artist: $200.00 Neil Hartles Work Titles: ‘Jillaroo’  #8

Works on Paper.

1st: Artist:  $800.00  Rosemary Berrell Work Titles: ‘He Sent The Flintstones Flying’  #6

2nd: Artist: $500.00 Jan Lawler Work Titles: ‘Early Start’  #109

3rd: Artist: $200.00 Dianne Edin Work Titles: ‘Mt. Pinnibar Panaroma’  #43


1st: Artist: $800.00 Sue Coughlan. Work Titles: ‘Lengthening Shadows’  #50

2nd: Artist: $500.00 Steven Crawford Work Titles: ‘Old Gate’  #99

3rd: Artist: $200.00 Peter Denton  Work Titles:  ‘Golden Dawn’  #82

 $50.00 Camera House/Photo Supplies  Vouchers Encouragement Awards.

#15  ‘8 Seconds’- Carmel Trease. #51  ‘Into The Mist’ – Val Rees. #59 ‘Golden Steps’- Wendy Slater.

#64  ‘The Secrets of Cradle Mountain’- Mark Slater. #78 ‘The Way Forward’ – Lizzie Star.

#18 ‘Stock Mans Gaze’ – Ray Knight.

Art & Photography Show Results 2018.

Viewers Choice Awards.

$25.00 Vouchers Camera House/Photo Supplies.


Artist: Val Rees Work Titles: ‘Into The Mist’


Artist: Jan Lawler Work Titles: ‘For The Word Had Got Around’

Phone Photo Challenge:

Best Action:

1st: Abby Paulet 

2nd: Steven Friars

Best Character:

1st: Tracy Meusburger  

2nd: Victor Ivanov