Do you want to join our Parade?

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Local vehicles, schools, poets and horse enthusiasts will all participate as well as a wide variety of historical machinery through to modern day utes.

They all combine in a well choreographed parade to make it one of the highlights of the Festival.


1. The person who signs the application form must be present at the assembly area and must be contactable, via the mobile phone number provided, on parade day.

2. All Street Parade participants must proceed in the order allocated by the Street Parade Event Manager.

3. All Street Parade participants must abide by the instructions and directions of Event Organisers and Marshals.

4. All Street Parade participants on horseback or in charge of stock must ensure they have full control of stock at all times and ensure that stock will not be a threat to bystanders or other participants. Event Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to unruly stock.

5. It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that all vehicles will be in a roadworthy condition, be registered, hold a club permit, hold an unregistered permit from Vic Roads and/or be freighted to the assembly area. See for more information.

6. All vehicle operators/drivers must drive responsibility and remain with their vehicle at all times. Absolutely no burnouts are permitted.

7. Every care should be taken by vehicle drivers/operators to ensure the safety of the public and any person travelling on/in the vehicle.

8. All individuals participating in the Street Parade do so at their own risk. The Event Organisers do not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by or to participants.

9. If participants will be standing on a float at any time during the Parade, a safety rail, not less than 900mm at its lowest point must be provided. The handrail may be subject to inspection by Event Organisers before the parade moves off.

10. It is against Police and Festival regulations for goods, pamphlets, lollies or items to be distributed during the parade from the back of moving vehicles.

11. Participants must be at the assembly area and ready by no later than 1.30 pm to participate in the Street Parade. The Parade will commence at 2.00pm sharp.

12. The Street Parade is expected to conclude by approximately2.30pm, and participants disperse from the corner of Hanson and Kiel Streets.

13. By taking part in the Street Parade it is understood that permission is given to the Man From Snowy River Bush Festival to use any images of participants of the Street Parade in the production of any publication and/or any promotional material or advertisement. It is the participating Club, School or Community organisation’s duty to obtain consent for images of children to be used in the production of any publication and/or any promotional material or advertisement from their parents or guardians.
Winners of the Street Parade will be announced on Saturday night and by a phone call to the number supplied on the application sheet.