CAMPING Information

Camping will be available from 8.00am Monday 30th March – Monday 6th April 2020.

It is possible to camp next to your friends however, camping is first in best dressed, so for the best chance it is best for your group  to arrive together and enter the Camp Grounds together.

I want to come for 2 days, where can I camp?

A 4 day pass is the minimum required to purchase camping on the Golf course, whereas Clancy’s Overflow camping requires any adult/concession pass.

Other camping areas are located at:

  • Cudgewa Football Oval: 0429 665 014 or 02 6077 4255
  • Nariel Valley Rec Reserve: 02 6077 4332
  • Towong Race Course: 0429 995 033 or 0411 415 671
  • Thowgla Hall: 0409 761 221

All passes must still be purchased online or at the Festival gate.

Can I bring more than one vehicle if I have purchased a camping pass?

Your Camping Pass only allows for your caravan or tent and 1 vehicle pass.

There is NO ALLOWANCE for extra vehicles on your campsite.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

You may bring alcohol ONLY IN CANS, but it can only be consumed at your campsite and is NOT ALLOWED into the festival grounds.

What is the difference between Banjo’s Premium Camping and Clancy’s Overflow Camping?

Banjo’s Premium Camping is located on the Golf Course that surrounds the Festival Grounds and sites are 6m x 9m, whereas Clancy’s Overflow Camping is located roughly 800m from the Festival Grounds and sites are 10m x 9m.

Do you have powered sites?

No, we do not offer powered sites, however you are welcome to bring a small quiet generator.

Are there toilets & showers?

Yes, we hire toilet & shower trucks that are located all over Banjo’s Premium Camping and Clancy’s Overflow Camping.

Are dogs allowed?

DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED into the festival grounds. (please leave tied up or contained at your campsite).

Dogs are allowed on the golf course & Clancy’s Overflow ONLY and must be on a leash and kept quiet.

Please CLEAN UP after your pet.

How many people can camp on one site?

Banjo’s and Clancy’s campsites are limited by size and number of vehicles. You can sleep as many people on your campsite as will fit in your tent or camper.

**PLEASE NOTE Banjo’s Campsites have a MAX of 1 vehicle & Clancy’s Campsites have a MAX of 2 vehicles per site.

Can we connect to water?

There are minimal taps located around the Golf Course, however there is no guarantee how close to them you will be placed. You’re welcome to bring buckets and cart water, but we do recommend arriving with a full tank.

There is no water available at Clancy’s Overflow Camping.

If we have our own water in our campervan, can we run off our sullage hose onto the ground or does it have to be contained?

Grey water can be released onto the rough areas of the Golf Course, making sure it does not impact campers around you.

Black water must be contained and released at the dump point located at the Corryong Sale Yards, which is located on Donaldson St, roughly 900m from the Golf Course.

Is there a waste dump point nearby?

Yes, the dump point is located at Corryong Sale Yards, which is on Donaldson St, roughly 900m from the Golf Course and 700m from Clancy’s Overflow Camping.