Trainers will demonstrate techniques in creating a partnership with an unhandled horse through to saddle and preparing the horses for further education. Working quietly and using the latest in gentle techniques, trainers will demonstrate how they gain the trust and confidence of the young horse that they have chosen to work with.

Over three days, the trainers will work with their horse for a two hour period each day. Taking breaks throughout the session, they will provide feedback on their progress as they go.

Dan Maloney

Dan operates Four To The Floor
Horsemanship in Catani, Victoria and has
been starting horses for every discipline for
20yrs, including starting dressage horses in
Denmark. A dedicated, horseman he starts
and re-educates horses, runs clinics, and
performs demonstrations.

His passion lies with colt starting and through
experience knows a horse’s foundation is
the most important part of their training.
He helps people with horse problems and
horses with people problems.

Horses that were deemed ‘untrainable’ he
found were all missing a solid foundation.

fred watkins

Fred and his wife Rachel run Watkins Horse
Handlers, based in Boonah, Queensland.
He grew up in central Qld on a cattle station,
and is a highly regarded trainer and a
talented and engaging clinician, with over
25 years of experience starting and riding

He and Rachel really enjoy helping people
achieve their goals, no matter their equine
discipline of choice.

They offer starting, training and re-education
of all types of horses as well as running
regular clinics Australia wide.

daniel robinson

Originally from Newmarket, England, Daniel
runs DPR Breaking with his partner Alex and
their team in Sydney’s west. DPR Breaking
educates horses for many disciplines
including Dressage, Show Jumping, Polo,
Camp Drafting and other Western Disciplines
and horses for leisure.

Daniel’s involvement with horses began as a
child watching his father’s as a Jockey.
He has always worked closely with the
racing industry and dedicated himself to
improving his horsemanship skills, with the
help of mentors such as Ian Francis. Daniel
has a real passion for starting horses and
was crowned winner of Equitana’s challenge
‘The way of the horse’ in 2016.

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Trainers Challenge Event Managers – Steve Graves & Luke Bennett