Activites include:

  • Rolling your swag
  • Cut Firewood
  • Lighting the fire and cooking an egg (then eating it!)
  • Riding an Ag bike through some bending poles and picking up a bale of hay
  • Driving in a steel post
  • Cutting some wood
  • Catching a footy

The team with the fastest time and the least penalties in each heat will progress into finals.

Note: Event is run under Rafferty’s Rules and can be subject to change

Everyone’s got a story (..if not make one up!). As teams enter we extend an invitation to provide a short bio on the property they represent or themselves, giving the crowd a background and insight into station life in the bush.

This event is run independently of the Horsemanship Challenge and is designed to be fun for competitors and entertaining for the crowd.

CONTACT: MFSR Bush Festival Office

02 60761992


Poetry Event Manager – Bruce Saxton