The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival Board insist all events conducted during the festival stringently abide by a risk assessment and animal welfare protocol, which gives utmost priority to minimizing any risk to the welfare of any animal or human involved. This includes Veterinary inspection before and during the Festival.

All horses used in the MFSR Paterson’s Brumby Catch event are of a domestically bred brumby line, and come from private property, they are captured and conditioned to human contact before their appearance at the Festival. These brumbies which do not belong to the Festival, are privately owned and for the most part are available for purchase to good homes after the festival.

It is evident from demonstrations seen at our Festivals that Brumbies are very capable of being educated and becoming strong, reliable riding and working horses with a wonderful temperament and are extremely versatile for the whole family.The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival Board recognise the need for effective control and management of non-native animal species in the Alpine and Kosciuszko National Parks, however does not support the eradication of the brumbies. The Festival supports an ethical and systematic partnership approach to management of the Brumby population which is consultative and inclusive of experienced and qualified horse people with local experience and knowledge of brumby behaviour.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the wonderful brumbies on display in Paterson’s Brumby Catch, please contact Sandi Freckleton on 0427 484 462.