Finals presentations MFSR 2015 Photo by Alice Taprell (002)

The Man from Snowy River Challenge is the showcase event of the Festival, which endeavors to find the modern day Man from Snowy River. When it comes to the test of good all round horsemanship, the Man from Snowy River Challenge is second to none.

Witness the outstanding horsemanship and skill of today’s Australian Stockmen and women. All their skills will be on display as they compete in the six grueling preliminary events set to challenge the most skilled and professional horse and rider teams. The Top Ten scoring riders move forward from the preliminary events to take centre stage on Sunday and earn their place in the final events; Paterson’s Brumby Catch and the Kosciusko Stocksaddle Buckjump.

MFSR Challenge Events

Six Preliminary Events

Snowy River Stockhandling

Three head of cattle are drafted and moved through a set course in a quiet and controlled manner in a set time of 7 minutes.

Harrison’s Packhorse

Competitors pack their competition horse, ensuring the bags are evenly packed and balanced, then lead the packhorse through a set course, finishing with the pack still evenly balanced and unpack and unsaddle the packhorse.

Clancy’s Whip Crack

Competitors conduct a compulsory, mounted 30 seconds freestyle of whipcracking which must include a Sydney Flash. Then, at a fast canter and using best hand, competitors attempt to cut targets on a set course in a set time.

Banjo’s Bareback

Riding bareback and using their own choice of headgear, competitors complete in a set time a course designed to demonstrate maximum skill, control and maneuverability and then perform a compulsory freestyle lasting 30 seconds.

Jimmy Scammell Horseshoeing

Open competitors attempt to competently and neatly shoe one hind and one fore hoof in a set time of 30 minutes. Junior competitors are to demonstrate the ability to prepare a shoe to one fore and one hind hoof, within a limit of 30 minutes. Only one horse handler is permitted entry into the horse shoeing shed with any one competitor.

Mountain Horseman’s Cross Country

Riding in the same stock saddle used throughout the competition, competitors complete a cross country course of approximately 2 km and 20 jumps.

Final Events 

Paterson’s Brumby Catch

Finalists attempt to halter a horse in an arena within 3 minutes and demonstrate young horse handling skills and horsemanship.

Kosciusko Stocksaddle Buckjump

Using the same stock saddle and gear used throughout, finalists attempt to retain their seat on a bucking horse for 8 seconds.

Ladies Silver Brumby Catch

Finalists attempt to halter a horse in an arena within 3 minutes and demonstrate young horse handling skills and horsemanship.

Jack Riley Junior Final

The Top 3 Junior competitors attempt to highlight their skills and ability negotiating a set working pattern.

View the 2018 Challenge Rule Book here!

Rule Book