Known as ‘Riley’s Ride’ the event is an essential element of the Bush Festival. It traces the last journey of legendary Upper Murray Stockman, Jack Riley who met Banjo Paterson in 1890 and is locally regarded as the inspiration for Paterson ‘s famous ballad.

This annual ride is held to commemorate Jack Riley’s life, and the part he played in the early days of this district, and also to laud the efforts of those who selflessly sought to rescue him under harsh and trying conditions. Jack and his meeting with Banjo, is reputed to be the inspiration which led to the penning of “The Man From Snowy River”, Banjo Paterson’s epic ballad. Riley’s Ride was instigated in 1989. The ride offers spectacular views and the chance to meet people from far and wide, who may come from many different walks of life but share a love of the Australian bush and deep respect for the pioneering families of the area. It is a challenging ride and a character building experience.

Follow in the footsteps of this legendary Man from Snowy River, meet new friends and have a great ride whilst enjoying the scenery of the magnificent Upper Murray.  Non riders can also enjoy the experience as your support crew.   No children allowed, all riders and crew must be minimum of 18 years of age.

Please remember that the 4 day trail ride does cover mountainous terrain with several very steep climbs and descents. You and your horse should have a good level of fitness and be well prepared to limit the chance of injury. You will be travelling through remote and difficult to access, other than by horse or foot, areas. You must have current ambulance cover. We travel on average about 30kms a day. You can expect to spend between 5 to 8 hours in the saddle each day. We break into groups of about 8 horses for most stages of the ride.

All positions for Riley’s Ride 2018 have been filled

To book a place in the 2019 ride:  You enroll at the 2018 Man From Snowy River Bush Festival – bookings and deposit taken on Sunday morning of the Festival.  For more info email or phone Festival Office.

2018 RIDERS Please note Outstanding balances are due by Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Please Remember:

  1. All riders to be 18 years and over.
  1. All Riders must have ambulance cover.
  1. Riders are to obey designated trail guides in all instances for the safety of all.
  1. Horses and riders should be accustomed to mountain trail riding and riding in a mob.
  1. Each rider is responsible for their own horse, including injuries incurred to either themselves or their horse, and will be responsible for any costs associated with treatment or transport.
  1. All horses to be enclosed within an electric fence supplied by the rider at night, and hobbled or tethered if necessary.
  1. All riders to be responsible for their own camping gear and will need to bring own plates, mug, cutlery, chair etc.
  1. All rubbish is to be deposited at the catering tent for removal – Under no circumstances is litter to be left where you have camped!
  1. Any group larger than 4 are advised to have their own back up vehicle and driver.
  1. All equipment is to be loaded prior to breaking camp.
  1. Absolutely no pre-Monday arrivals at Tom Groggin Station.
  2. It is advised that horses be fully vaccinated prior to participation – check with your local vet for more details.
  1. All horses need to be sound and shod, either with horse boots or metal, if barefoot, their hooves must be conditioned to all types of terrain, including very rocky and properly fitted hoof boots must be carried and used at the earliest sign that the horse is not coping with the terrain.
  1. No alcohol is to be consumed whilst riding or attending to horses.
  1. No stallions to be taken on the ride.
  1. No grain feed is to be taken on ride.
  1. Riders must have appropriate riding attire e.g. Oilskin coat, riding boots, Akubra,(or similar) hat or an Australian Standard Compliant riding helmet.

Rider to provide:

  1. Own camping arrangements – camping gear, tent, swag, folding chair, plate, mug, eating utensils, tea-towel, torch, etc.
  1. Own horse gear including hobbles if required, rug, nosebag, buckets, electric fence etc.
  1. Own saddle, bridle, breastplate, crupper & saddle bag.
  1. Own beverage – strictly wine casks and cans only – NO GLASS.
  1. Drink bottle for day use, if desired. Bottled water is supplied.
  1. A great sense of adventure and respect for the Australian bush and fellow riders.

Riley’s Ride to provide:

  1. All meals – from Monday evening to Friday lunch. NB: Monday lunch not provided.
  1. Limited supply of horse feed. Cool Fuel & local pasture hay.
  1. Toilet facilities and showers (where possible).
  1. Entertainment.
  1. High quality co-ordination of ride and camp sites.
  1. Limited transport.

Please Note: Horses and riders must be accustomed to steep mountain trail riding with no fear of heights or bush terrain.

CONTACT: MFSR Bush Festival Office

02 60761992