Terms and Conditions

  1. ‘You’ and ‘Your’ refers to the customer. ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, ‘MFSRBF’, ‘Event Organiser’ and ‘Official’ refers to The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival Inc. its employees, contractors, appointed officials, volunteers and authorised persons. ‘Ticket’, ‘Pass’ refers to MFSRBF ‘Wristband’.
  2. This agreement means these terms and conditions and any other conditions specified by Us on Our website and booking forms.
  3. This ticket(wristband) is sold or provided (including any resale or subsequent assignment on the express condition that the holder is bound by the rules & regulations issued by the event organiser The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival Inc ABN 75429038591. (“the organisers”). By purchasing or wearing this wristband you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained herein and on the The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival website.
  4. Tickets are sold and entry to the Festival is provided on the following terms and conditions;



No refund policy :

  1. The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival does not refund tickets. No refund or exchange will be given on tickets.
  2. The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival (“the festival”) is an all-weather event and will not be cancelled due to adverse weather except on the advice of emergency services in extreme conditions. 
  3. Some events within the Festival program may be cancelled subject to weather or safety issues in which case no refund or exchange will be given on tickets. No refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to the weather. 
  4. The right is reserved to vary advertised performing artists, entertainment and the festival program.
  5. In certain circumstances, such as serious medical issues and in accordance with the applicable Live Performance Australia Code of Practice for Event Ticketing. These refunds need to be applied for in writing no later than 30 days after the close of the Festival. Any requests for refunds received after this date will not be accepted. For full Ticketing Codes of Practice, please visit liveperformance.com.au.
  6. The purchase of this ticket is your acknowledgement of understanding that activities, entertainment, events and competitions in the festival’s program involve an element of risk for spectators.
  7. Ticket price is inclusive of GST. A $6 booking fee, per item (Including postage) does apply. 
  8. Wristbands & Camp Sites can be pre-purchased online or in person from Wednesday 1st April from the Corryong Visitor Information Center and the Main Ticket Box Gate #2
  9. Entry may be refused if tickets are damaged or defaced in any way or are not purchased from the organisers or an authorized point of sale.
  10. Privacy Policy:In order to purchase Your ticket, we may need to collect and keep personal information about You including Your name, address, credit card or payment details, telephone number, email and the names of all ticket allocations. Unless You tell Us otherwise, we may disclose Your contact details to third parties so they can provide You with promotional material about other events and products. We may also need to disclose Your personal information as required by law or as permitted under the Privacy Act. Our Privacy Policy outlines how We will handle Your personal information.
  11. All tickets and products are priced in Australian dollars, which are inclusive of GST.
  12. We reserve the right to charge a fee for the following:
  • Booking fee of $6: includes credit card surcharges, postage and administrative costs
  • Ticket Replacement: $20 fee for the replacement of lost, destroyed or stolen wristbands or hard copy tickets.
  1. Conditions of Sale: All bookings and ticket purchases are non-transferable and may not be sold or transferred by You.


  1. MFSRBF takes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. Patrons enter the venue at their own risk and to the maximum extent permitted by the law, MFSRBF, its employees and all other persons involved in the organisation, sponsorship and promotion of the Event accept no liability for any injury, loss, claims, costs, expenses or damage (collectively “Claims”) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect to the supply of goods or services, or the ticketholders attendance at the Event, including liability for negligence. MFSRBF, its employees and all other persons involved in the organisation, sponsorship and promotion of the event accept no liability for death or personal injury howsoever caused.
  2. Each patron indemnifies MFSRBF in respect of all Claims made in connection with their attendance at the Event and, to the full extent permitted by law, each patron releases and discharges MFSRBF, its employees and all other persons involved in the organisation, sponsorship and promotion of the Event, from all such Claims.

Proof of Age: 

  1. The MFSRBF is open to all ages. Valid proof of age is required for all 18+ ticket holders at the Event Ticket Gate. You may be asked and must have proof of age photo ID to purchase or consume alcohol in the Festival Site. We reserve the right to evict any Adult found providing alcohol for underage drinkers OR any underage person (or persons unable to provide proof of age ID) if found trying to purchase or consuming alcohol.
  2. Ages are calculated at the date of entry to the Event, please ensure you purchase the correct ticket type for your age.


  1. Combined Camping and Wristbands are available online (bushfestival.com.au) upto and including the 29th March 2020.
  2. Additional Wristbands are available at Main Gate #2 ticket box from Wed 1 April.
  3. Every person camping on the site during the MFSRBF must have a ticket. No refunds will be made should you decide not to camp or attend the MFSRBF due to inclement weather. Camping is only permitted in designated areas and not beyond the marked perimeter. The MFSRBF will not be responsible for any belongings left behind.
  4. All campsites must be vacated by 10am Monday 6th April 2020.
  5. BANJOS PREMIUM GOLFCOURSE CAMPING: You MUST PURCHASE a 4 Day Adult wristband to be eligible for camping on the Golf Course.  No Wristband, No Golf Course Camping.
  6. CLANCY’S OVERFLOW CAMPING: You MUST PURCHASE a minimum of a 1 Day Adult wristband to be eligible for camping at Clancy’s.  No Wristband No Camping.
  7. Access to Golf Course Camping: MONDAY opens 8amOnly via Stock Route Gate # 7
  8. Access to Golf Course Camping TUESDAY onwards access through main entrance off Strezlecki Way- Gate #1.
  9. Camping Access to both campsites: Daily from 8am to 6pm from Monday 30TH March to Sunday 5th April 2020
  10. Arrivals After Hours (after 6pm) Late arriving Campers MUST Park Up on the Old Netball Courts (access from Strezlecki Way – Main Entrance) & wait for Camping Marshalls next morning to escort you to your campsite. (From 8am)
  11. Banjos: Each campsite allows parking for one vehicle ONLY. Clancy’s allow 2. Additional parking is available on the Old Netball Courts adjacent to Strezlecki Way.
  12. GENERATORS – quiet generators are allowed but the curfew is from 10pm to 6am.
  13. GROUPS: Any groups of 10 camps or more please contact Festival before arrival.
  14. Holding campsites for groups/friends can only be arranged with Camping Marshalls on arrival there are no gaurantees given that adjoining campsites can be arranged.
  15. CAMPFIRES:  Small cooking fires are allowed (NO BON FIRES) Do not light fires on fairways.
  16. All campsites and campfires must be cleared & rubbish removed to rubbish pickup points before departure.
  17. Please use rubbish bins and bags provided at specific collection points – DO NOT SHIFT OR REMOVE BINS
  18. Please keep the grounds tidy & remove your rubbish.
  19. Unruly behaviour, loud music or noise will not be tolerated and may result in Your removal from the campgrounds. You will be removed from the campgrounds if you behave in a threatening or inappropriate manner (aggressive, riotous, abusive, or insulting actions) towards other campers or Officials.
  20. Absolutely NO HORSES allowed on the Banjo’s Golf Course at any time.
  21. Horses that are not competing at the festival are NOT allowed in Challenge camp areas or on festival grounds.
  22. DOGS are ONLY allowed on the Golf Course. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED into the Festival grounds.  (Please leave tied up or contained at your campsite)
  23. Dogs must be kept quiet and on a leash at all times.
  24. Dogs cannot enter the Rec Reserve grounds.
  25. If you have dogs, you MUST CLEAN UP after them.
  26. Ice & Firewood: Firewood Ring 0438563436 – ICE available to buy from the Festival Bar.


  1. Security will intermittently patrol throughout the Golf Course after hours from 2pm Thursday and over the weekend. Note that you are responsible for your own property.
  2. CCTV Cameras are operational at various points over the Festival.
  3. Security issues prior to Thursday contact the Golf Club or Police.(see details below)
  4. There is no storage available at the festival.
  5. You cannot bring the following items into the festival grounds: Dogs, glass, alcohol, illegal substances or any other items which the organisers consider dangerous or inappropriate.


  1. You must ensure that You and Your invitees act in an orderly manner when attending the Event or in Campsites. We may refuse entry or evict You or any of Your invitees if they are behaving in a disorderly, offensive, threatening or inappropriate manner towards any person.
  2. Any person behaving in a drunken, disorderly manner that causes disruption or danger to any other person or property within the Festival grounds, Golf Course, or Competitor Camping areas are subject to removal from the Grounds.
  3. The organisers may refuse you entry into, or remove you from the festival if you;
  4. refuse to allow the Officials or their representatives to inspect bags, containers and vehicles at the festival.
  5. fail to follow instructions from a Festival Official
  6. disrupt the festival in any way or campers attending the Festival.
  7. interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other persons at the festival.
  8. have acquired a stolen or counterfeit ticket;
  9. Are an under-age drinker
  10. do not obey the terms and conditions as noted in this document.
  11. or if the organisers suspect you of any of the above.
  12. Directions of MFSRBF Officials: You must follow the reasonable directions of MFSRBF Officials as required and comply with the law at all times during the event.



  1. The Festival venue is fully licensed, therefore only alcohol purchased from bars at the Festival may be consumed on site. BYO alcohol will not be permitted within the Festival venue and will be confiscated. Any Patron wishing to consume alcohol must have valid photographic ID (Australian driver’s license, ’Proof of Age’ card or valid Passport). We reserve the right to evict patrons who disobey or break Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation and the law.
  2. You must be of legal age (18 years) to purchase and consume alcohol at the Festival. If you are found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor (a person under 18 years of age) you will be evicted from the Event and will be referred to the police. Guardians of any minors involved may also have their wristband removed and be evicted from the Event site.
  3. Copies of the liquor licence are located at the Stockmen’s Bar in the festival precinct and must be adhered to at all times.
  4. Drugs:If you are found supplying, consuming or in possession of illicit drugs anywhere on the Festival site (including campgrounds) you will be evicted from the premises and will be referred to the police.
  5. Copyright: Patrons may be photographed and/or filmed at the Event and that these images may be used for a variety of printed, online and broadcast promotional and/or internal purposes in relation to the Event. If patrons do not wish to be photographed or filmed for these purposes, they must advise the photographer/camera operator.
  6. Sound/video recordings of performances cannot be made without prior written consent of MFSRBF. Photographs taken at the Event cannot be published without prior consent of MFSRBF.
  7. Recorded images:  MFSRBF reserves the right to use official photographs, video, or other digital media (“photo”) taken at the event in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration. This shall apply in perpetuity.   The MFSRBF reserves the right to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute these photos for any lawful purpose. In addition, the MFSRBF does not require the subject’s approval for use of material wherein the likeness appears. The subject shall have no right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photo.
  8. Chairs at Rodeo Arena mound – DO NOT leave vacant chairs on the Rodeo Mound.
  9. Any camping chair/s left or tied together on the Rodeo mound will be removed with NO responsibility to the MFSRBF organisers or representatives.  PLEASE NOTE – THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.
  10. DO NOT place chairs between seat rows or aisle on the Rodeo Mound.
  11. You MUST follow any and all direction regarding placement & removal of camp chairs.
  12. Festival Organisers, or representatives will not be liable for any issues caused as a result of failure to comply with these instructions.
  13. You AGREE to obey all signs, notices or directions given by festival officials, Security and Police or Emergency officers.
  14. The purchase or wearing of a MFSR Festival Wristband is your acknowledgement of understanding and agreement to comply with all Terms and Conditions as listed above.


  • Camping Mon – Wed Contact Police 000 or Golf Club 60761081
  • FROM 2pm THURS 2nd: Security 0412010198 Or 0400306883 
  • FROM FRI 3rd First Aid – 0488 405605 available on grounds from 8.30am
  • Emergency service  – ring 000
  • Corryong Health Medical Centre: Kiell St, Corryong VIC 3707 Phone(02) 6076 3200
  • EMERGENCY MEETING POINT GATES – refer to Program map Orange gate numbers. #1, #2, #7 use as reference point to meet emergency services.
  1. Enquiries please contact the Banjo’s Information Kiosk (02) 60 761992 or email admin@bushfestival.com.au