Want to volunteer at MFSR Bush Festival in 2020?




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It takes about 450 people working behind the scenes to make our Festival happen; only a handful of them are paid; the rest are volunteers. The majority volunteer for their own local Club or Community group who in turn are paid to manage various tasks on behalf of the Festival. A volunteer Board of management manages the Festival, and about 380 volunteers are organized by 40 volunteer Event Managers and area Coordinators.

Festival Volunteers liaise with Event Managers, Festival Staff and Board and assist with everything that needs to be done in the lead up to, during and after, to make the festival happen. They prepare grounds, they pour drinks, check in contestants and performers, prepare food, run events, clean up rubbish, check wristbands, shift equipment, give directions, answer phones, set up venues, – you get the picture. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our festival, and in many ways the Festival belongs to the fun loving community minded individuals who decide to get involved and become part of the Festival family.

Why Volunteer?

It may be the half price wristband that volunteers qualify for….. but ask any of our hundreds of return volunteers why and you’ll be amazed at the range of answers. Mostly it’s because you cross over from being an audience member to being part of the Festival. You are not just attending the Festival, you are part of the strong knit group that makes it happen. The friendships, the camaraderie, the sense of community and the shared laughter that come out of working at the Festival, more than compensates for giving up a few hours out of each day.

Volunteer information:

  • Volunteers will be covered by MFSR Bush Festival insurance during festival volunteering hours
  • Volunteers will get a discounted wrist band at $45 dollars, HOWEVER every hour they have worked during the Festival, will result in a reduction of their wristband price for the following Festival.
  • It is the responsibility of the Event Manager to keep a tally of the hours that each volunteer contributes.
  • Event Managers are responsible for making up a list of volunteers and registering these volunteers at the Festival office. For instance if a registered volunteer has worked 25 hours (which have been recorded) during the 2014 Festival, their volunteer wristband price for the 2015 Festival will be $20.Community Groups: Volunteers who work for community groups.
  • All Community groups and Clubs earn income by providing a PAID service of some sort for the MFSR Bush Festival.
  • Community group volunteers are working for their club – they are NOT registered volunteers of the MFSR Bush Festival. Therefore they must be insured by the body they are working for.
  • Wristbands are only required by community group volunteers if they are to enter ticketed areas. If they are to enter a ticketed area then either they, or the body they are working for, have to carry the cost of the wristband.
  • Once in a ticketed area with a wristband community group volunteers are free to enjoy the festival as a regular festival attendee.
  • Community group volunteers are also welcome to become direct volunteer of the MFSR Bush Festival, in which case they would then be entitled to enjoy our discount wristband program.